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Carolina Arango

Wood kitchen cutting boards spoons
For your friends and family that love creative gifts, we have some lovely ideas that will surely make them swoon the moment they unwrap it.

Whether an accent to your table or your favorite cutting board you use every day, wood is beautiful and from a sustainable source. 
The grains and textures not only show off nature’s artistry but when we put it to work, wood is tough, durable and can last a lifetime when taken care of. (Read our blog post on wood care.)
At Trasto, our wood products are works of art as well as tools for complementing your culinary skills.

Our wood favorites

Canoe wood kitchen appetizer
One of our favorites is our
Pine Canoes.

They are made in a small community between the mountains of Colombia. The craftsmanship began in this place about 70 years ago. From one teacher to another, it has become the legacy of the community that in the past descended from the Incas.

 Pine Canoe Tray
- 100% Sustainable Wood. 100% Biodegradable
- Measures: 30cm long x 10cm wide x 4cm high
- No dyes or plastic resins
- soft to the touch
- Excellent Housewarming gift 
- to serve appetizers or snacks
- avoid long exposure to liquids. 
Protect with a little coconut oil after each wash. With proper care is a piece that improves over time.


Extensible wood pine organizer kitchen drawer 

Another one of our favorites is the Pine Organizer with Extensible Design

We all have that drawer in the kitchen that is tangled with utensils, bottle openers, handheld juicers and other odds and ends.
If you love order and want to make the most out of your space, you will love having them! They are great for organizing cutlery and utensils in the kitchen, but they also work perfectly in the office, in your studio or workshop.
These Extensible Organizers are made, in Pine wood by a small factory in Bogotá, especially for TRASTO. The Pine wood is grown in the region. The organizers are finished with a water-based varnish to protect them from moisture.

-Pine Organizer with Extensible Design! To Fit most drawers
- Sustainable wood. Biodegradable
- No dye, Soft to the touch
- Excellent Housewarming gift
- Avoid long exposure to liquids
 * The extensible pieces can also be flipped and used as lids making them into organizer boxes!


 Cutting board wood kitchen

Cutting boards: A kitchen must-have!

These cutting boards in three sizes are made in Walnut, a soft wood that won’t dull the edge of your knives. 
The channel on the edge allows liquid to drain away from your cutting surface. It has two handles on the sides to help you lift it easily from the table or counter.  
They are manufactured by Yuliana Tabio in her small workshop in the Andes mountains. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape Yuliana prepares a special varnish, based on linseed oil and beeswax, to protect your table from stains and seal them so you can use it with food. 
They are made with love especially for Trasto’s customers. With proper maintenance it will stay in your family for many years



P.S. We are mindful and sustainable
 Bring your pieces back to Trasto when you no longer want them or when they need a retouch. We would love to open a collection of used Trastos to help reduce the amount of products that are manufactured.  (Read more about our commitment to a sustainable economy)

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