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24 Volcanic Rock Planters - Warriors. ONLY for USA 🇺🇸 OCEAN FREIGHT INCLUDED 10cm (4 inches)


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  • Sculpture: Hand Carved in Panama, Central America.
  • Inspired by the Culture Barriles, an extinct civilization that lived on the skirts of that same Volcano 🌋 
  • 100% Volcanic Rock: The best feature is that you can plant directly inside the sculpture: no extra pots or water plates needed. Rock Absorbs extra water.
  • Perfect for leafy and creeper plants. Watch their “hair”
  • Size: 10cm height (4 inches height)



$12 each


*MOQ: 24

Suggest Retail Price $24


Sub-total: $288

+ Ground Shipping inside US: $90

TOTAL: $378



Carolina Arango: Industrial Designer from Isthmus Panama and SPD Scuola Politécnica di Design, Milano Italia. Roberto Rampolla: Master Stone Carving.



This type of Rock forms during explosive volcanic eruptions.

“The pore spaces are actually gas bubbles that were trapped in the rock during the rapid cooling of a gas-rich frothy magma. The material cools so quickly that atoms in the melt are not able to arrange themselves into a crystalline structure.“

Hobart M. King, Ph.D., RPG




 We are a group of artisans & designers from Panama, Central America. We are dedicated to creating productos with passion for design and sustainable production. We protect heritage and fair trade practices that bring a sense of belonging to people’s everyday life. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the planters made and shipped from?

Panama, Central America.


What will be the timing for manufacturing and shipping?

We will take orders in May and June

Manufactured in July 

Shipped in August 

That way they will arrive for the beginning of Fall


Will there be another order for X-mas season?

This will be our last order for the year! Ocean Freight costs after September increase and we won´t be able to offer the same price for our warriors, so make sure to place your orders ASAP!


Is Shipping included?

Ocean freight is included in the $12 price of the planters, but shipping within the US is added to the order price. Ground Shipping USA is a standard fee of $90 for 24 units anywhere in the US. The price of $378 includes all product, shipping and introduction customs costs for 24 units.


What is the MOQ?

24 units.


With how many orders will we start production?

Minimum 20 orders


What happens if we don’t reach 20 orders?

You will get a full 100% refund


What payment methods are available?

Credit Cards or PayPal


How do I track my order?

We send weekly emails with updates of the location and status of your planters, guiding you to make sure you receive your order. You may also contact us by email trasto@trasto.casa or phone +507 66778786 at any time with inquieres.


Do planters have water holes?

Their best feature is that you can plant directly inside the planters. The volcanic rock is very porous and will absorb the extra water.  


Are they made in a mold? 

All our products are hand carved from a rock that was formed from the explosion of the Baru Volcano. Since they are hand carved they will not all be exactly the same.

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