12 SMALL Mortars & Pestles - River Rock ONLY for USA 🇺🇸 OCEAN FREIGHT INCLUDED 12cm (5 inches)


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  • 100% River Stone (super resistant): Hand Carved in Panama, it can vary in size, shape and other natural characteristics.
  • Broad and Slightly irregular surface make easy the extracting of flavors from herbs, crushing spices, nuts and even grinding fibrous ingredients such as lemon grass. (Super-smooth surface means ingredients pop out and dance around.)
  • Stable & Heavy Base is also importan: so mortar won’t scoot around during use, but we suggest putting a cloth beneath it to protect your counter.
  • Designed to show off in the kitchen as a decorative piece. Use creatively as a dish for snacks, desserts and sauces.
  • Size: 12cm (5 inches) diameter



$21 each


*MOQ: 12

Suggest Retail Price $42


 Total: $252

+ Ground Shipping inside US: $90

TOTAL: $342



There is no better way to grind herbs and spices than with a mortar. It may be that an electric food processor is easier but those extra minutes with the mortar will pay very well with the flavors you will get from pounding and crushing, more effectively releasing oils and flavors (instead with a food processor, you tend to cut ingredients). Also, mortar & pestle is easier to clean, less noice, no assembly and you can tone your biceps, especially if you cook a lot!



Trasto is the first in Panama to manufacture and bring back to the market these traditional tool. The design consists of only intervening the piece in two points. At the top to create the mortar pit and below to flatten the base to create a stable surface. The rest of the piece is preserved as it is in nature. From the river to your hands. They are carefully selected, looking for the best forms that nature offers. 



 We are a group of artisans & designers from Panama, Central America. We are dedicated to creating productos with passion for design and sustainable production. We protect heritage and fair trade practices that bring a sense of belonging to people’s everyday life. 


Frequent Asked Questions


Where are the Mortars made and shipped from?

Panama, Central America.


What will be the timing for manufacturing and shipping?

We will take orders in May and June

Manufacture in July 

Ship in August 

So that they will arrive for the beginning of Fall 


Will there be another order for X-mas season?

No, this will be our last order for the year. Ocean Freight costs after September increase and we won´t be able to offer the same price for our mortars. 


Is Shipping included?

Ocean freight is included in the $21 price of the mortars, but shipping within the US is added to the order price. Ground Shipping USA is a standard fee of $90 for 12 units anywhere in the US. The price of $342 includes all product, shipping and introduction customs costs for 12 units.


What is the MOQ?

12 units.


With how many orders will we start production?

Minimum 20 orders


What happens if we don’t reach 20 orders?

You will get a full 100% refund


What payment methods are available?

Credit Cards or PayPal


How do I track my order?

Shipping companies in Panama and Ocean freight don´t provide tacking numbers, but we send weekly emails with updates of the location and status of your mortars. 

Manufacturing, Packing, Workshop Chiriqui, Panama City, Port of Colon, Port of Florida, Warehouse Florida and finally to your door.

You may also contact us by email trasto@trasto.casa or phone +507 66778786 at any time with inquieres. 


Do they withstand the force of grinding?

Yes, grinding and crushing. The river rocks we use are very strong and compact they will not brake or crack. 


How porous are they? Will ingredients be trapped in rock pores?

The rock is not very porous, we use very compact and dense river rocks. The grinding surface has a smooth finish and is soft to the touch (only slightly textured to make it easy for extracting flavors). No Worries! Your ingredients will not be trapped in rock pores. 


What is the Cleaning Method?

Super Easy! Just regular water and soap using a sponge. Safe for Dishwasher. 


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